About us

Random Act of Kindness (RAK) was created by passionate people for charitable and educational purposes with a special goal in mind. We will change our society one Random Act of Kindness at a time.

RAK will host video contests that encourage and reward individuals and groups to perform Random Acts of Kindness for members of our society.

Your tax deductible donations will be used to:

1) Sponsoring Video Contests. We run periodic contests that offer prizes and incentives for the producer of the video that captures the most inspiring Random Act of Kindness.

2) Providing Education and Ideas. We offer information and ideas how anyone can perform simple Acts of Kindness that make our world a better place.

3) Donations. Our programs encourage individuals and businesses to donate easily and securely - and also receive a tax deduction. These donations will then be used to fund worthy non-profit and youth organizations that apply and qualify for grants from us.