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We are accepting donations

Random Act of Kindness, Inc. is an IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit organization. As such, your donations are tax deductible. We are accepting contributions & donations now that allow us to sponsor our video contests and support other worthy non-profit organizations.

Please contact us today to see how your tax deductible donation wil help fund our programs.

How to Contact Us for Donation

Ways to Donate

Depending on your ability, we have offered a few ideas on ways you can assist us in carrying on our missions and programs.

We are in need of contributions, donations and volunteers that will enable us to provide contest awards and fund other worthy non-profit organizations. If you are able to help in any of the areas below, we are grateful for your generosity and for your own Random Act of Kindness!

  • Donate by sending a check to our main office, Payable to Random Act of Kindness, Inc.
  • Credit Card donations are also accepted securely by telephone (website links coming soon)
  • Contribute IPads - needed as prizes for our contests
  • Additional prizes, awards, and ideas are always needed for our contests
  • We are in need of volunteers to assist us (Admin, Web Development, Social Media Specialists, Marketing, Legal)
  • Advanced level web developers and web engineers needed
  • Donate your time performing a Random Act of Kindness
  • Become a RAKStar by participating in our Video Contests with your amazing RAK. (rules, prizes and instructions will be posted soon - so please check back!)